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aveedo application framework

Aveedo is an application framework that provides organisations using IBM Lotus Notes with a way to rapidly develop new XPage applications and upgrade existing applications to XPages through a process of configuration rather than coding.

Included with the framework is a growing range of business applications that are ready to put into your production environment today.


Use all Aveedo applications on mobile devices

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Aveedo allows multiple presentation layouts to be created so that users of a standard browser will see one version of your application whilst mobile users will be presented with another, simplified, version. Or you can display different information regarding an object depending on the application content.

Social Integration


Integrate your existing business applications into IBM Connections 4 to find all the information you need in one place. Aveedo also supports the IBM Connections 4 activity stream so that you will be informed about all changes in the Aveedo system. To access this information, you can use the standard browser access to Connections or IBM Notes Client Social Edition.

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